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We just added a new section. The Sims: Bustin' Out! Maybe this will settle down our Sims2 fever. The new console game comes pack with new objects. The best part about this game now, you get to go out of the house! How cool is that? Check out the section for more information. * I changed the navigation bar for you Emily : ) *


Hello, and welcome to the brand NEW, Sims Fantasy Freak! We are real excited about this new web site. We worked so hard on it. We hope you enjoy your stay here. Check out the web site and send feedback on what you think.

Right now, everybody focus is on the new Sims games coming out. Well, we're just as excited! We can't wait to see how it looks.By the way, we're going to post some helpful information on this web site. Please, if you have any info on The Sims2 let us know. We will give credit where credit is due. Sims Fantasy Freak still have some more sections to add. So, send in your questions and We'll do my best to answer them.By the way, be sure to leave a message on the board, and vote for this month poll. Enjoy!

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